Color Treatment Consent

Color Treatment Consent

agree to the starting price of
I understand there are many factors considered for calling a service a color correction. Corrective hair color is a color process that must be performed by a professional hair artist to correct the hair including but not limited to any color service gone wrong, damage, breakage, banding, warmth, spotty hair color, removing at-home hair dye, removing black or dark hair dye, and/or removing direct dyes.

I'm aware that the final price is determined by the amount of work necessary to perform a color correction and no refunds will be given once the first salon visit is complete.
This service will be performed by
Artist Name(Required)

Disclaimer / Terms of Service:

I understand the estimation given does not include any following visits due to fading, warmth or changing of color. I understand color correction is a process that may require multiple visits to fully correct.

I understand there is an additional charge for each visit and service. I understand the caution necessary to perform services on fragile hair and It may require more than one appointment to achieve the desired end result. I am allowing the artist to create a color plan that is necessary to correct the color which may include additional visits so there is time between processes to allow my hair to strengthen.

I understand that the number of visits cannot always be determined until the process has started. Additionally, there is not a set price for a color correction service.

I have given my 2-year hair history, including all information of the services done to my hair prior to the Color Correction Service, and I have given my Artist the information of medications, vitamins, or hard water build-up that may affect my color service.

I understand that my hair may be in a stressed and weakened condition that is not visible to the artist. Results may have but not limited to ash, gold, copper or red undertones.

The Artist and Studio 703 cannot guarantee my color without using the products recommended. I am responsible for at-home hair care, and in order to maintain the service I am about to receive, I must take care of my hair at home. My Artist will design a regimen for me to take home today.

I acknowledge the color correction procedure I am having done can be further damaging to my hair.

I understand that I must trust the process the Artist has started in order to achieve the desired look. The Studio 703 Artist will try to achieve the results desired to the best of their professional ability.

I understand that, in order to receive color treatment at Studio 703, I must accept all the terms of service herein, in their entirety.
My acceptance of the Disclaimer / Terms of Service (above):(Required)
I understand that each bowl of color needed based on my hairs density will result in extra fees.(Required)
I agree that we may be doing a bonding/protein service at an additional fee.(Required)
I agree that if we need a toner/glaze service that has an additional fee.(Required)
I agree that if needed we may use a deep conditioning treatment at an additional fee.(Required)
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By entering my name in this field, I acknowledge it is the same as my actual signature and constitutes full agreement to the stipulations stated above.

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